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Service Team


The Services

There are a number of services available, including:

Service Team...

When one is involved in the establishment of a business, a corporate investment, or the acquisition of a company, one often needs a concentrated effort to meet pressing deadlines and schedules. A dedicated team, to quickly and effectively undertake the nuts and bolts of a project, is available; and this will liberate one's management team to handle those urgent executive decisions which are essential to the success of any project.

This is especially necessary where one is undertaking a project in another country where one may not have the personnel on the ground.



Professional consultants from a range of disciplines and many functional capabilities are available.

Often one may simply need to pick up the telephone and get expert advice, and this can be done immediately and informally.

Sometimes one may need the ongoing help of an expert, perhaps in some technological or scientific capacity, and consultants can be supplied to fulfill such assignments.



One frequently requires both physical resources and support resources to enable the efficient implementation of a business plan. An array of such resources is available, some of which are pre-packaged and available off-the-shelf, and others are specifically developed for individual needs.


Support Services...

The swift and timely provision of support services will often ensure that the project is brought in on time on and on budget. Client support services are available and offer a fast and reliable response.


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