Exam preparation & tutoring Lines




Exam preparation and tutoring Product Lines

611691_L30200 Tuition, fees, and other payments from providing academic or technical instruction
611691_L39000 Merchandise sales
611691_L3900039001 Sales of other merchandise, not specified by type
611691_L39200 Sales of food and beverages
611691_L39500 All other receipts
611691_L3950039501 All other amounts received from providing services to clients, students, and others
611691_L39700 Contributions, gifts, and grants: Government
611691_L39710 Contributions, gifts, and grants: Private
611691_L39720 Investment income, including interest and dividends
611691_L39730 Gains (losses) from assets sold
611691_L39900 All other revenue
611691_L3990039901 All other revenue

The Report entitled, Exam preparation & tutoring Lines (Ref: 611691 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.