Miscellaneous nondurable goods merchant wholesalers Lines




Miscellaneous nondurable goods merchant wholesalers Product Lines

4249_L1053010531 Rugs and carpeting
4249_L1053010533 Other hard-surface floor coverings and accessories, including tile and sheet goods
4249_L1090010911 Typewriters
4249_L1090010912 Calculators
4249_L1090010913 Copiers and copier parts and equipment
4249_L1090010914 Dictating, transcribing, and recording machines
4249_L1090010915 Mailing, letter handling, and addressing machines
4249_L1092010921 Computers
4249_L1092010922 Computer storage devices
4249_L1092010923 Computer printers
4249_L1092010924 Other computer peripheral equipment
4249_L1105011056 Veterinarians' equipment and supplies
4249_L1105011057 Other professional equipment and supplies
4249_L1112011123 Cold-rolled sheets
4249_L1114011142 Nails
4249_L1120011212 Flat products, including sheets, strips, and plates
4249_L1122011225 Foil - up to .005 inch
4249_L1160011612 Integrated circuits
4249_L1160011613 Capacitors and resistors
4249_L1160011615 Semiconductors
4249_L1160011616 Electronic connectors and other passive electronic parts
4249_L1160011618 Other electronic parts and equipment
4249_L1180011811 Plastic pipe fittings and valves, excluding pipes and tubing
4249_L1180011812 Metal pipe fittings and valves, excluding pipes and tubing
4249_L1180011813 Plumbing fixtures
4249_L1180011814 Hydronic and gas furnaces, stoves, water heaters, excluding electric
4249_L1180011818 Other plumbing and heating equipment and supplies
4249_L1210012117 Other new construction, mining, logging, and road maintenance machinery, equipment, and parts
4249_L1236012366 Other new industrial machinery and equipment, including industrial water treatment equipment
4249_L1236012367 Used industrial machinery and equipment
4249_L1237012371 Bearings and bushings
4249_L1250012512 Beauty and barber supplies, including combs, curlers, and shampoos
4249_L1252012522 Nonpower janitorial equipment
4249_L1252012523 Janitorial supplies
4249_L1263012632 Used transportation equipment, excluding automotive
4249_L1294012941 Recyclable textiles, including rags and textile scraps
4249_L1294012943 Recyclable plastics
4249_L1320013211 Newsprint
4249_L1320013212 Fine roll paper
4249_L1320013213 Other printing and writing paper, including paper used in brochures, catalogs, and direct mail
4249_L1400014011 All athletic footwear
4249_L1400014014 Men's and boys' footwear, excluding athletic footwear
4249_L1400014015 Shoe accessories
4249_L1440014411 Candy
4249_L1440014412 Chewing gum
4249_L1440014413 Nuts
4249_L1440014414 Chips and popcorn
4249_L1440014415 Other confectioneries
4249_L1480014811 Coffee
4249_L1480014812 Tea
4249_L1480014813 Spices
4249_L1482014821 Bread and rolls
4249_L1482014822 Cookies, cakes, and other baked goods
4249_L1483014831 Canned and bottled fruits, vegetables, and juices
4249_L1483014832 Canned and bottled baby food
4249_L1483014833 Canned meat
4249_L1483014834 Canned fish and seafood
4249_L1483014835 Canned milk
4249_L1483014836 Other canned food, including canned poultry products
4249_L1485014851 Packaged soft drinks
4249_L1485014852 Pre-mix and post-mix bulk soft drinks
4249_L1485014853 Bottled water
4249_L1486014861 Pasta
4249_L1486014862 Breakfast cereals
4249_L1486014863 Cooking oils and margarine
4249_L1486014864 Flour
4249_L1486014865 Pickles, preserves, jellies, jams, and sauces
4249_L1486014866 Refined sugar
4249_L1486014867 Pet food
4249_L1486014868 Other grocery specialties
4249_L1490014911 Corn, excluding corn grown for silage
4249_L1490014912 Oats and barley
4249_L1490014913 Wheat
4249_L1490014914 Sorghum, excluding sorghum grown for silage
4249_L1490014915 Soybeans
4249_L1490014916 Seeds and other grains, beans, and rice
4249_L1500015011 Cattle
4249_L1500015012 Hogs or equivalant
4249_L1514015143 Other inedible farm products
4249_L1580015811 Hay and straw
4249_L1580015812 Poultry and livestock feeds, including silage, not mixed on location
4249_L1580015813 Prepared poultry and livestock feeds, including silage, mixed on location
4249_L1580015814 Herbicides, soil sterilizers, and soil conditioners
4249_L1580015815 Insecticides, fungicides, and pesticides
4249_L1580015816 Other agricultural chemicals and fertilizers
4249_L1580015817 Seeds and bulbs for planting
4249_L1580015818 Other farm supplies, including harness and saddlery equipment
4249_L1590015911 Cigars
4249_L1590015912 Cigarettes
4249_L1590015913 Other tobacco products, excluding leaf tobacco
4249_L1600016011 Architectural coatings, enamels, primers, stains, solvents, and lacquers
4249_L1600016012 Industrial/Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) coatings
4249_L1600016013 Special purpose coatings, including automotive, refinish, marine, and traffic coatings
4249_L1600016014 Paint supplies
4249_L1600016015 Wallpaper and wallpaper supplies
4249_L1610016101 Books
4249_L1610016102 Periodicals, newspapers, and other printed materials
4249_L1612016121 Art goods
4249_L1612016122 Novelties and souvenirs
4249_L1970019701 Labor charges for repair work
4249_L1970019702 Parts installed in repair work
4249_L1970019703 Other service receipts and labor charges

The Report entitled, Miscellaneous nondurable goods merchant wholesalers Lines (Ref: 4249 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.