Meat & meat products merchant wholesale Lines




Meat and meat product merchant wholesalers Product Lines

424470_L10540 Miscellaneous home furnishings, including household containers, flatware, pans, baskets, and kitchen utensils
424470_L10960 Restaurant and hotel equipment and supplies
424470_L13400 Paper and plastic products
424470_L13500 Pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical supplies, cosmetics, and toiletries
424470_L1350013512 Nonprescription pharmaceuticals
424470_L1350013514 Perfumes
424470_L1350013516 Other toiletries and druggists' sundries, including health aids and first aid supplies
424470_L14100 Packaged frozen food
424470_L1410014111 Frozen meals
424470_L1410014112 Frozen fish and seafood products
424470_L1410014113 Frozen vegetables
424470_L1410014114 Frozen fruits and fruit juices
424470_L1410014115 Frozen meat products
424470_L1410014116 Frozen baked goods
424470_L1410014117 Other frozen foods, excluding frozen dairy products
424470_L1410014118 Frozen poultry products
424470_L14200 Dairy products, excluding dried, canned, condensed, and evaporated dairy products
424470_L1420014211 Butter
424470_L1420014212 Cheese
424470_L1420014213 Milk and cream, excluding raw milk and cream
424470_L1420014214 Ice cream and other frozen dairy products
424470_L1420014215 Raw milk and cream
424470_L1420014216 Other dairy products
424470_L14300 Poultry and poultry products, excluding canned and frozen poultry products
424470_L1430014311 Dressed poultry killed on location
424470_L1430014312 Eggs
424470_L1430014313 Live poultry
424470_L1430014314 Other poultry, excluding frozen packaged poultry products
424470_L14400 Confectioneries
424470_L1440014411 Candy
424470_L1440014412 Chewing gum
424470_L1440014413 Nuts
424470_L1440014414 Chips and popcorn
424470_L1440014415 Other confectioneries
424470_L14500 Fish and seafood, excluding canned and frozen fish and seafood
424470_L14600 Fresh meat and meat products
424470_L1460014611 Beef not slaughtered on location
424470_L1460014612 Veal not slaughtered on location
424470_L1460014613 Lamb and mutton not slaughtered on location
424470_L1460014614 Pork or equivalant not slaughtered on location
424470_L1460014615 Sausage and prepared meats made on location
424470_L1460014616 Sausage and prepared meats not made on location
424470_L1460014617 Meat from animals slaughtered on location
424470_L1460014618 Other meat products
424470_L14700 Fresh fruits and vegetables
424470_L14800 Coffee, tea, and spices
424470_L1480014811 Coffee
424470_L1480014812 Tea
424470_L1480014813 Spices
424470_L14820 Bread and baked goods
424470_L1482014821 Bread and rolls
424470_L1482014822 Cookies, cakes, and other baked goods
424470_L14830 Canned food
424470_L14840 Food and beverage basic materials, including flavoring extracts, fruit peel, sausage casings, hop extract, malt, and yeast
424470_L14850 Soft drinks and bottled water
424470_L1485014851 Packaged soft drinks
424470_L1485014852 Pre-mix and post-mix bulk soft drinks
424470_L1485014853 Bottled water
424470_L14860 Grocery specialties
424470_L1486014861 Pasta
424470_L1486014862 Breakfast cereals
424470_L1486014863 Cooking oils and margarine
424470_L1486014864 Flour
424470_L1486014865 Pickles, preserves, jellies, jams, and sauces
424470_L1486014866 Refined sugar
424470_L1486014868 Other grocery specialties
424470_L14900 Grain, beans, and seeds
424470_L15330 Chemicals and allied products, excluding agricultural chemicals, plastics, industrial and natural gases, liquefied petroleum (LP), and petroleum
424470_L15600 Beer and ale
424470_L15700 Wine and distilled alcoholic beverages
424470_L15900 Tobacco and tobacco products
424470_L16150 Wigs, yarns, and leather products
424470_L19700 Service receipts and labor charges, including installed parts
424470_L19810 Miscellaneous commodities
424470_L19940 Rental and operating lease receipts

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