Printing & writing paper merchant wholesalers Lines




Printing and writing paper merchant wholesalers Product Lines

42411_L10420 Office and business furniture
42411_L10800 Photographic equipment and supplies
42411_L10900 Office equipment, excluding computers
42411_L10920 New computer equipment
42411_L1092010921 Computers
42411_L1092010923 Computer printers
42411_L1092010924 Other computer peripheral equipment
42411_L10950 Packaged computer software, including game software and cartridges
42411_L10960 Restaurant and hotel equipment and supplies
42411_L12320 General-purpose industrial machinery, equipment, and parts
42411_L12450 Industrial containers and supplies
42411_L12460 Abrasives, strapping, tapes, inks, and mechanical rubber goods
42411_L12520 Janitorial equipment and supplies
42411_L12800 Toys and hobby goods and supplies
42411_L13200 Printing and writing paper
42411_L1320013211 Newsprint
42411_L1320013212 Fine roll paper
42411_L1320013213 Other printing and writing paper, including paper used in brochures, catalogs, and direct mail
42411_L13300 Office paper, office supplies, greeting cards, and labels
42411_L1330013311 Business forms
42411_L1330013312 Office and consumer paper, including stationery
42411_L1330013313 Inked ribbons, pens, and pencils
42411_L1330013314 Toner and toner cartridges
42411_L1330013315 Greeting cards
42411_L1330013316 Other office supplies, including envelopes, ruled forms, and labels
42411_L13400 Paper and plastic products
42411_L1340013411 Cardboard boxes
42411_L1340013412 Paper dishes, cups, and napkins
42411_L1340013413 Industrial paper and plastic, including wrapping, bags, and cartons
42411_L1340013414 Disposable plastic boxes, containers, cups, dishes, and supplies
42411_L1340013415 Other paper and plastic products
42411_L15300 Plastics materials and basic shapes
42411_L15330 Chemicals and allied products, excluding agricultural chemicals, plastics, industrial and natural gases, liquefied petroleum (LP), and petroleum
42411_L16100 Books, periodicals, newspapers, and other printed materials
42411_L1610016102 Periodicals, newspapers, and other printed materials
42411_L16120 Art goods, including novelties and souvenirs
42411_L1612016121 Art goods
42411_L1612016122 Novelties and souvenirs
42411_L19700 Service receipts and labor charges, including installed parts
42411_L1970019701 Labor charges for repair work
42411_L1970019702 Parts installed in repair work
42411_L1970019703 Other service receipts and labor charges
42411_L19720 Receipts for service contracts
42411_L19730 Advertising specialties, including paper novelties
42411_L19810 Miscellaneous commodities
42411_L19940 Rental and operating lease receipts
42411_L19970 Receipts for printing or photocopying performed at this establishment

The Report entitled, Printing & writing paper merchant wholesalers Lines (Ref: 42411 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.